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From FIND.COM Founder Jeffrey Sisk

FIND.COM Founder Jeffrey Sisk

FIND.COM Founder Jeffrey Sisk at WSIS Convention in Geneva Switzerland

FIND.COM Founder Jeffrey Sisk

FIND.COM Founder Jeffrey Sisk singing ‘Georgia Rhythm’ with the Atlanta Rhythm Section a few years ago in St. Petersburg, Florida

We are living in unprecedented times. Technology has changed forever how we communicate, connect with family and friends, buy and sell products and services, find information, and understand the world around us. In its earliest days, the internet was almost magical, and we rewarded the American companies who led the way by making them some of the most successful in history. Search engines like Google gave us instant access to the world’s information, and social media sites like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter allowed individuals to reach millions with their thoughts and opinions. They reflected the very best of American values, and were shining those values into the world. As these platforms grew, they became the primary source of information for the public.

This was healthy for society as long as these platforms were neutral and immune to political and corporate manipulation. Unfortunately, about ten years ago, something shifted. For reasons not fully understood, these companies decided to become political, and began censoring and banning conservative users that believe in America’s founding values. Initially, they did this quietly by “shadow banning” you (i.e. unknown to you, your content was only showing to a few family and friends). Today, they are not hiding anymore and are mass banning any content they deem unacceptable. Yes, it is their right to do this. They are private companies after all. But, without question this behavior is destructive to a free society who is now using the internet as their primary source of information. This has to change. All people in America have a guaranteed right to free speech, and this should be reflected in the digital town square. We are all much better when the marketplace of ideas is wide open. Translation: We have to stop supporting these companies and build better platforms.

Last year, I founded, Inc., and began the journey to bring the world better search and social media. It is no easy task: You need innovative software the public will find useful, and it needs to eventually be able to scale to billions of users (this creates enormous challenges for both software engineers, and server infrastructure). The journey has been challenging but we are making progress. Last year, initial crowd funding and private investment gave us the resources to bring on talented SEC/business attorneys to carefully form/structure a company we plan to eventually take public (so it then has the resources of a Google or Facebook), build/acquire proprietary software and technology, and purchase the domain name (this is a major accomplishment.. consider Peter Thiel paid 30 million not too long ago for We are getting there.

I believe our founding fathers got it right. The values in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights built the greatest country on earth. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, protection of privacy… these are vital and important to society. Our digital town square has to reflect these values. I might not agree with you on something, but I would stand shoulder to shoulder with you to defend our individual right of free speech. We need to protect these important values, and once again shine them into the world. This was compelling enough to start me on this challenging journey.

FIND will have the features of Google, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter in one platform. It will not censor you, will protect your privacy, and has innovative technology better than what is offered today by Silicon Valley platforms. We have a great brand name with FIND, and a winning strategy. It takes a lot of resources, and we need your help to continue this journey. We hope you will donate to help this important project, and tell your family & friends. Together, we will build a brighter future.

Jeffrey Sisk
Founder/CEO, Inc.