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Recording Artists: Help our crowdfunding effort to launch FIND.COM this year. Our streaming service FIND ARTISTS will change the music industry forever when it launches later this year.


We are giving recording artists control again of product pricing, and bringing back for fans CD quality and higher for streaming. FIND.COM has partnered with mastering guru Rodney Mills to develop the FIND ARTISTS streaming platform and develop FIND HAPTIX (an unique technology that will change live concert events forever.



My name is Jeffrey Sisk, the founder of FIND.COM. We are launching a new search and social media platform worldwide as we head into summer 2021. The FIND.COM platform has features you might find in sites like Google, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter (in one app/platform). It has stunning innovative technology (learn more here), and the public will absolutely love it. Later in the year we will launch an amazing platform FIND ARTISTS. Let me be perfectly clear: We will fix the music business and problems caused by streaming platforms.

For the last 30+ years, in addition to writing some great software, I have worked with some truly amazing recording artists and on big projects as a recording studio engineer. I was fortunate to have some great producers and engineers in the 80’s and 90’s such as Rodney Mills (Atlanta Rhythm Section, 38 Special) and Dave Pensado (now an amazing mix engineer) and Buddie Buie (record producer and songwriter ‘Traces’, ‘Stormy’, ‘Spooky’, ‘Rock Bottom’, etc) who let me turn a few knobs and learn. I am thankful to them for letting me hang around… these guys were masters of their craft to be sure. This led me to be the stage manager for the Atlanta Rhythm Section in the 80’s (life on the road with a hit rock band is epic!), and even fill in for Dean Daughtry to play keyboards. It was a fun ride for sure!

I have been frustrated to see what streaming platforms have done to the music business in my lifetime. Artists have completely lost a lot of control over how their music is sold, and in the name of “fast download speed” these services have completely disrespected bands and recording artists by compressing and stripping off the high and low end of their music when delivering it to the public. Fans no longer hear cuts as mixed and mastered. This is truly tragic.

FIND ARTISTS is going to change everything this year. I predict that over a relatively short time period (a few years), many well known recording artists will switch completely to our platform. We are going to allow artists to completely control their own pricing for singles and albums, etc. You can charge per album or track, or a monthly fee for a specific album (or your entire catalog). It will be up to you, and between you and your fans. Additionally, you will able to license your tracks to our streaming channels at a pricing level you agree with and understand. FIND ARTISTS will bring back an online version of record stores and traditional radio stations. We are giving you the same control over your music videos, which can stream not only from your artist section on FIND ARTISTS, but also on our video platform FIND VIDEOS.

As a studio recording engineer (in a past life), this is what personally matters to me the most: Fans will finally once again be able to enjoy your amazing artistic works as you created them in the studio. Our minimum standard will be CD quality (44.1 KHz 16-bit audio) and go up from there. Certainly on wifi and the coming 5G, tracks and albums can be downloaded easily, and streamed with no difficulty. Big video platforms stream much larger files by the millions every day.

Additionally, FIND ARTISTS will also support artists of all types… sculptors, painters, writers, etc. You get the picture. FIND ARTISTS (like every area of our platform) will be ground breaking and amazing. Great civilations throught the history of humanity supported the artists of their day, and it is equally important for us to do this in the 21st century. Hundreds of years from now this history books will speak about events that happened, but also define us by the great art of our time. This will only happen if we truly embrace and support the very artists who bring their incredible vision and creations to the public.

I am asking recording artists to make a substantial donation to FIND.COM to help us launch the entire platform, and to post your support of FIND.COM all over social media. You will create incredible momentum and excitement (and momentum is more important than funding). You can contact us at to open a dialog. In addtion, we want you to donate one song/track that we can sell in our online store and delivery digitally to your fans, with 100% of these proceeds going to launching the FIND.COM platform this year. We need an original .wav or .aif file because delivering great audio to fans starts now! It would be great if it is a previously unreleased work, or even a piano/vocal or guitar/vocal of a song that you write because you are inspired by our vision. Lets partner together, Let’s make history, and once again support not only amazing artists, but creating a platform that gives a voice to people of all countries, who all bring something special to the world and have something to say.

Jeffrey Sisk

Founder, FIND.COM

Some of the key people involved in FIND ARTISTS are:

Rodney Mills (producer, engineer, mastering)

Tom Marzullo (tour design & management)

When sharing this page on social media, use the hashtags #FindArtists

Search Engine with Multisearch

Social Network Similar to Facebook

Video Posting & Livestreaming

Messaging Platform Similar to Twitter

Amazing Platform for Music & Artists of All Types

After crowdfunding, FIND ECHO will launch within 60 days. FIND SEARCH, FIND SOCIAL and FIND VIDEO will be online by summer 2021. FIND ARTISTS will launch later in the year.

Bookmark this site FIND.COM. Check back often for updates! This is where we will keep  you informed going forward.