These are some of the reactions I’ve heard from people when I tell them I’m the CEO of

“Oh yeah, I’m familiar with”

“Where did you guys get such a great domain name? Do you want to sell it?”

“ should be a jobs site.  To me, screams Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!”

“I love shopping on TheFind!  But didn’t it get bought by Facebook?”

So what is

It’s a great domain name, as evidenced by the fact that many people think they already use it, although when you ask them what they’ve used it for, they can’t quite remember…

The truth is that although’s domain name has been used for various purposes and by various parties in the past, what we are doing with is new.  Not just new to, but new new.

In fact, it’s not just the product/service that’s new, but the values behind it.  So much of what’s online, and even beyond the online space in areas such as News, Advertising, and Education, is dominated by the information providers, while the consumer is at their mercy.  Smart people and even smarter machines figure out how to get people to think things, buy things, and click on things that they want you to think/buy/click on. wants to empower individuals to make informed decisions for themselves of what to think/buy/click on.  Hence our mantra:

“Search on your own terms”

The dominant search engines take the approach of tracking you on the web, storing personal information about you, and then using complex algorithms to decide what results to show you, where to get those results (often from the highest bidder), and how to display them.

At we are actually don’t see ourselves as what is thought of as a Search Engine because it has become so standardized (and, at least to us, stigmatized).  With you choose which websites your search results come from, how they are displayed on your search results page, in what order, and with what level of privacy.  Future blog entries will go into depth on each of these topics, and of course we would love to hear your thoughts (and constructive criticisms) as well.

But for now, when I’m asked “So what is” I answer, “Personalizable Search.  It’s really cool, and it’s going to get a lot cooler.”


Richard Morrell
CEO, Inc.