5 Fun Wedding Ideas for Crafty Brides

The road to crafting disasters is paved with good intentions, and every day countless would-be crafters fall prey to deceptively simple-looking Pinterest projects. There’s no shame in creating mutant muppet cupcakes or lopsided Santa ornaments, but your wedding day is no time to trot out your glue-gunned monstrosities for the world to see.

To help you show off your crafty side without embarrassing your entire family, we asked some of our crafting experts to share fun wedding ideas for DIY projects that are actually doable — even if you’ve had your share of crafting fails in the past. Here are the awesome ideas they came up with:


1. Festive Favor Bags. Looking for a way to personalize your bridal shower or wedding favors? Why not use patterned fabric to create your own fabric bags? With the simple tutorial from the ladies at Jam + Toast, it’s easy — all you need is a pair of scissors, fabric glue and some colorful fabric. If you’re on a budget, check the fabric swatch section of your local craft store — many will have discounts on smaller fabric samples. Pick a few discounted patterns that compliment each other instead of springing for one full-priced ream. Once you’re finished, you can fill your crafted bags with whatever you like. They’re especially great for candy and mints!


2. Wearable Bouquets. There’s no shortage of fun wedding ideas out there when it comes to designing bouquets. In fact, brides have gotten so creative with their flower arrangements that it’s become pretty hard to stand out from the crowd — so you can imagine our surprise when Zandra Zuraw from Little Yellow Couch showed us a floral fix we’d never seen before — statement jewelry made out of fresh blossoms! With felt, a glue gun, some simple jewelry supplies and a few fresh flowers you can create truly unique necklaces for your bridesmaids to wear down the aisle. Check out the full tutorial — we can’t believe how easy it looks!


3. Mossy Monograms. Monogrammed designs are a great way to personalize your wedding decor, but it doesn’t take much crafting moxie to download and frame a printable design. Why not take a page from Jessie Jane at Lilyshop and create your own moss-covered monograms instead? These large letters were crafted out of cardstock and a faux-moss table runner. Jessie’s tutorial makes the whole process look fun and easy, and we can definitely see using fun wedding ideas like this one if you’re planning a rustic, outdoor wedding!


4. Perfectly Patterned Envelopes. There’s no need to blow your budget on fancy envelopes for your bridal shower invites or thank you notes — you can make your own instead! The expert crafters at X-ACTO explain how: “ Start with a pre-made envelope and steam open the glued edges. Create a quick template by drawing around the flattened opened envelope on a thin piece of board or cardstock paper. Trace onto your favorite piece of patterned paper, cut out with your X-ACTO knife and fold and glue back together.” Pick up bows, stamps and cutouts in the scrapbooking section of your local craft store to decorate each envelope with a unique design.


5. Crocheted Wire Jewelry. Being a bridesmaid can be hard work, which is why it’s customary for brides to reward their entourage with a little gift to say thanks. We think gifting time is the perfect time to experiment with some fun wedding ideas. Here’s one from Yoola Designs — custom jewelry made by “crocheting” fine wire. Yoola Designs sells plenty of gorgeous ready-made items, but you can also create your own pieces by using one of their jewelry design kits. The end results are stunning and unique — who wouldn’t love to receive one as a gift?

We hope these fun wedding ideas gave you some inspiration for your own crafting pursuits. If you’re planning on trying one or more of these projects out yourself, we recommend gathering your supplies and getting started sooner rather than later. These projects seem simple enough, but take it from the voice of experience — it never hurts to give yourself enough time for an emergency do-over. Have you already completed a seriously crafty DIY project for your wedding? Did you try, but failed epically? Share your struggles and successes by telling us all about them in a comment.

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