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FIND.COM – A New Search, Social Media & Entertainment Platform Coming Soon

FIND.COM is a unique and innovative app/internet platform that will launch soon with features you might find on Google, Facebook, Youtube & Twitter. It has the following:

FIND Search – Using a proprietary technology we call Multisearch, the FIND.COM search engine will change how we search the web. It is bringing back truly organic search results, and for the first time giving users full control of where they get their search results.

FIND Social – A social network like Facebook

FIND Echo – A microblogging platform like Twitter

FIND Creators – Video posting and livestreaming (Youtube, Rumble)

Additionally, FIND.COM will also eventually launch our own streaming platforms for music, motion pictures and television.

In 2021 we began the journey to bring the public a new search, social media and entertainment platform. In the 21st century, it is clear that we need new internet platforms that respect all users, and are not manipulated by politics, or driven solely by corporate profits.

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