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FIND will have some incredible innovations never before seen by the public. Without giving up too much to our competitors, here are some of them:

FIND MultiSearch

For several decades we have not seen any innovation from existing search engines. FIND is bringing something brand new to market called MultiSearch. We cannot show you images or prototypes of this yet (for obvious reasons), but MultiSearch is an explosion of information unlike anything before. After using it, you will never be happy again with 10 curated search results from other search engines that are mostly ads, and “what they want you to see”. Just that feature alone will be special because it brings back truly organic search results (something we have not seen in many years).

However, what makes Multisearch truly unique is this: We are giving users for the first time full control of internet search. For example, you can create something we call a FIND engine. Let’s say you like photography… you can make a search results box (or a collection of search results boxes), and have your FIND engine only return results from the photography sites you want (and specifically block ones you do not want). You can then save your FIND engine, but more importantly can also send it to others via text, email and social media (and they can save your FIND engine). FIND Multisearch makes internet search social (something never accomplished by Google or any other search engine).

Imagine the possibilities… A history teacher who makes a FIND engine of sites they prefer for homework, and sends to their students, companies who build FIND engines around their products and services, researchers/scientists around a topic, someone making a comparison between liberal and conservative news to compare bias, or parents making a FIND engine for their children to restrict where they can go on the internet. The possibilities are limitless. FIND engines will forever change how you search the web by putting you in complete control. Add to this that we will never manipulate search results to achieve corporate or political goals, and the public will have a safe powerful way to search the web.


FIND Creators

Video Posting & Live Streaming

FINDS CREATORS will be a great place for anyone to share or livestream video for family and friends. It will be easy and fun to use and have innovative features.

Addtionally, many users build businesses on video posting platforms. We have been doing round table discussions for years with content creators who have high profile video channels to identify features that will make them more successful, and incorporating these into our software. Some of them are: We will give them iPhone and Android apps that show only their channel that they can sell or give away in the app stores. We will give them web pages as part of their channel so they can put additional content online. This will include text, graphics, images, documents, etc. We will give them an online store where they can sell products, or they can partner with us for products on demand for things such as t-shirts, cups, hats, etc. We will build in the Patreon model where users can donate to their channel on a monthly basis, and also give them the chat stream donations (available today on other video posting sites). They will be able to monetize all of these pages and content from our advertising network (which will be similar to Google’s Adsense/Adwords) and receive the majority of the revenue. Lastly, we will give them a toll free number and FIND staff who are knowledgeable and friendly, and can help them with any problems they might have building out or using their video channel. Content Creators are building businesses, and we will truly partner with them to help them be more successful. In return, they will bring millions of users to the FIND platform.

FIND Social & FIND Echo

Social Network & Public Messaging Platforms

FIND Social is a social network similar to Facebook that allows you to connect with family and friends. FIND Echo is a public messaging platform similar to Twitter.  These areas of our platform will operate in ways familiar to the public. We have numerous innovative features that will make these parts of the FIND platform unique, and will release more information about them in the future.

FIND.COM is currently supported by crowd funding/donations. We need your help! Donate today, and please share FIND with family & friends.