FIND.COM is a New Search & Social Media Platform Launching This Year


FIND.COM is a new major search and social media platform launching this year that is bringing innovative technologies never before seen by the public. It will have features you might find on large silicon valley sites for internet search, social media, video streaming/posting and messaging, but in one app/platform. To learn more click here!

Most importantly, we think what you have to say is important. What you believe, your background, the color of you, your views, the art you love, the music you listen to, the world you see, the person you have come to be, these are the very things that make you unique and special. FIND.COM offers the tools and treasures for you to safely reach out, hear what the world has to say, debate when you disagree, and help others when you can. FIND.COM will always support your freedom of communication. Be you!

Every country in the world adds something unique to humanity. FIND.COM is the place where your voice will be heard.

FIND.COM is solely supported by public donations in our initial development phase. We need YOUR help to bring this great platform to you this year. Donate today, and please share FIND.COM on social media, with family & friends, co-workers, clubs, groups and everyone you know.

When sharing, use the hashtags #find #findplatform #findcom

The FIND.COM platform will include:

Search Engine with Multisearch

Social Network Similar to Facebook

Video Posting & Livestreaming

Messaging Platform Similar to Twitter

Amazing Platform for Music & Artists of All Types

After crowdfunding, FIND ECHO will launch within 60 days. FIND SEARCH, FIND SOCIAL and FIND VIDEO will be online by summer 2021. FIND ARTISTS will launch later in the year.

Bookmark this site FIND.COM. Check back often for updates! This is where we will keepĀ  you informed going forward.

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